french spaniel temperament

The gentle French Spaniel temperament makes this breed a wonderful companion for children. They are intelligent and attentive. The French Spaniel is an extremely old breed. Puppy mills are simply interested in making profits. A dog of this breed will form a strong bond with its master, being typically a working dog. French Spaniel's coat is semi-water resistant and allows for many to be unaffected by cold and wet weather. My Dog Licked Hydrocortisone Cream Should I Be Worried? This breed is considered to be the oldest of the French pointing breeds. They are not much suitable in an apartment and need an open place to perform their regular activities. This historic French breed also goes by the names of the “Epagneul Francais” and the “French Setter.”. Temperament: French Spaniels get along well with children and other dogs. French Spaniel is gentle with strangers, although they might bark at them if they see someone approaching. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aa61ccff28f6d33e400232e936743805" );document.getElementById("c1a9911e53").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. He becomes very attached to his family and is very loyal. Take your new French Spaniel for a checkup right away. What to do if your dog gets bit by a raccoon? An Introduction to the French Spaniel Temperament Traits, French Spaniel Size and General Appearance, Staying Healthy: French Spaniel Health Issues, Finding a French Spaniel for Sale from a Reputable Breeder, Picardy Spaniel Temperament: Loyal in the Field and Docile in the House, Blue Picardy Spaniel Temperament (Affectionate, Loyal, Energetic & Smart). It is a great way to tire out a rambunctious French Spaniel! The French Spaniel has a friendly and outgoing personality and is well balanced and patient. Next post: Picardy Spaniel Temperament: Loyal in the Field and Docile in the House, Previous post: Blue Picardy Spaniel Temperament (Affectionate, Loyal, Energetic & Smart). When you first see the Picardy Spaniel you may think that you are looking at a smaller version of the English Setter. Brittany Spaniel temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books The American Kennel Club calls this breed a Brittany , while in other countries it's called Brittany Spaniel . Friendly, good with children, energetic, and outgoing, the Epagneul Francais makes a wonderful family pet and a reliable companion for the active dog owner. If you feel that the French Spaniel temperament is the right fit for your lifestyle, it is time to look into the options of adding one to your home. French Spaniel . They are known as excellent pointers and retrievers. Ask to meet the breeding dogs and view their medical records. It makes an excellent companion dog for active family members that can meet up with its energy level. He is very sociable and will live peacefully with other dogs and animals. If you work long hours, consider a doggie daycare or a pet sitter. Training sessions should be short, positive and variable. Is French Spaniel the right dog breed for you? Puppy mills are commercial breeding operations that churn out puppies with little regard to their health or temperament. These dogs also make great family companions because they form strong bonds with family, and they tend to be gentle with children. Like most dogs, French Spaniels respond best to positive reinforcement training. However, they are naturally a friendly breed that is not likely to get aggressive easily. They can make excellent playmates for kids as they can play will them all day. Early 17th century paintings done by Desportes and Oudry depict the French Spaniel hunting partridges in Versailles. They are incredibly gentle with kids and can socialize well with other dogs. These dogs are sociable, intelligent, and gentle, which make up some of the best qualities in any … Therefore, the French Spaniel sometimes displays a high prey drive towards small animals including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and even cats. The French spaniel originated in France and Canada in the 11th century and was considered a devoted hunting dogs. If they are raised in a loving environment, they will be loving but if they are raised in a harsh environment, they tend to become either frightened or aggressive. ... Molly the French Brittany Spaniel at 2 years old and at 14 years old with her human buddy "Sadly, Molly passed away at age 17. If you have small pets in the household, be cautious if you introduce a French Spaniel or any kind of hunting dog. French Spaniels have long, wavy hair, especially on the ears, legs, and tail. He is an excellent retriever on both land and in the water, withstanding icy waters, dense undergrowth and cold temperatures. They have floppy ears and long tails. He makes an excellent companion because he is a true gentleman by nature; he has a kind, intelligent, noble, and dignified expression and friendly attitude. Coat & Color: These dogs have a long, wavy, and silky coat. Springer Spaniel Temperament November 27, 2018 June 12, 2018 Lewis. A good breeder will welcome your visit.

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